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Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

There are few things more beautiful than the tales, legends and the spirit depicted in Native American fine art.

Among the stunning and sophisticated Native American art pieces in our gallery are the ledger drawings of Lakota artist Donald Montileaux and the works of JoAnne Bird.

We also feature an impressive collection of Non-Native American made modern and contemporary art - from the unique Insect Art of Christopher Marley to the delicate paper sculptures of Allen and Patty Eckman.

  1. Staff Mantis

    Staff Mantis

    The Staff Mantis is a perfectly camouflaged insect from Indonesia that remains motionless until the perfect moment when it strikes it's prey. Chris Marley collects and frames insects from around the world.
    Learn More
  2. Chief's Blanket - Don Montileaux - print
  3. Carry My Voice to the Four Winds -Don Montileaux - print
  4. Bussels, Bussels - Don Montileaux - print
  5. Buffalo Robe - Don Montileaux - print
  6. Buffalo Dancer - Don Montileaux - Print
  7. Taking the Fight to the Morning Star - Don Montileaux - print

    Taking the Fight to the Morning Star

    Warriors on horseback charge forth in the limited edition print, "Taking the Fight to the Morning Star." Learn More
  8. More than a Few - Don Montileaux - print

    More Than A Few

    'More than a Few' is a limited edition print by Lakota Sioux artist Don Montileaux, depicting horses running across a ledger background.
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  9. Counting Coup - Don Montileaux - print

    Counting Coup

    Don Montileaux's colorful and dynamic ledger art print shows warriors 'counting coup,' a practice of Northern Plains Indians.
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  10. Chasing Through the Coup - Don Montileaux - print

    Chasing Through The Coup

    The action and excitement of the chase are rendered wonderfully in complimentary colors in the limited edition print 'Chasing Through the Coup' by Donald. F. Montileaux, renowned South Dakota ledger artist.
    Learn More

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