Native American Hand Made Bag: Greed

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“During the protest at Standing Rock I was working, but I felt the power of prayers from the camps, it was good medicine. The Greed bag design consists of the gold tipi which represents the people who went against others and the redline represents the blood spilled. The white flap represents the government dripping water to satisfy the small patchy grass. As long as the grass grows…”
~Joelle Follows The Road, 2019

Native American artist Joelle Follows The Road creates her inner most important feelings with cloth, beads and sequins. There are small details everywhere that further tell her story.

Joelle uses glass beads for her designs and strung glass and metal beads for the handle. The bag is lined with cotton material. The actual bag measures 11 inches down by 8 1/4 inches across. She finishes the back of the bag with metallic spots and two quilled snakes. The bottom of the bag is finished with metal cones and cotton material dangles.

Length 28 | Width 9 | Deep .25 inches
Length is measured from the top of the handle to the bottom of the cloth dangles.
All measurements are approximate.


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