CD - Seven Generations: Oichage Sakowin, Lakota Sundance Songs

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This is a new ceremonial album recently released by members of the White Horse Singers. The album includes a booklet, there is the Lakota version and the English version.

This album includes: Track 1: Cannupa Olowa Track 2: Tatuye Topa Olowan Track 3: Pte San Win Olowan Track 4: Cannupa Olowan Track 5: Wocekiye Olowan Track 6: Vocable Track 7: Wocekiye Olowan Track 8: Wocekiye Olowan Track 9: Vocable Track 10: Wocekiye Olowan Track 11: Wocekiye Olowan Track 12: Wakiksuyapi Olowan Track 13: Vocable Track 14: Wakiksuyapi Olowan Track 15: Vocable Track 16: Vocable Track 17: Vocable Track 18: Wocekiye Olowan


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Mike Jun 20th 2021

Authentic and powerful

This is a clear recording which makes the listener feel as though they are around a fire watching our Native People chanting. If we are ever going to right the world, we need to listen to our Native brothers and sisters.

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Additional Info

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