CD - Lorenzo Eagle Road - Taku Wakan - Lakota Sundance Songs

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Taku Wakan - Lakota Sundance Songs. This CD is In memory of those who have passed on.

Booklet included and has Lakota and English versions. Album includes: 1. Coyote Song 2. Entrance Song 3. Piercing Song 4. Prayer Song 5. Prayer Song 6. Piercing Song 7. Prayer Song 8. Good Day Song 9. Spotted Eagle Song 10. Horse Dance Song 11. Prayer Song 12. Pipe Song 13. Prayer Song 14. Prayer Song 15. Pipe Song 16. Water Song 17. Pipe Song 18. Exit Song


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Mike Jun 20th 2021

Spiritual Introspection

While I may not understand the words, there is no denying the amount of respectful, loving emotions come through. This provides 20 or so minutes uninterrupted on 2 tracks, which helps to focus and honor those who have gone before us.

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