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Known as a cleansing herb and harvested in June, this dried herb from South Dakota is closely associated with tribal beliefs and traditions. Used by the Plains Indians for thousands of years, the smell of burning sage is said to please the spirits an
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Artemisia spp. This dried herb is the most popular Native American botanical across North America. Used by the Plains Indians for thousands of years, there are many varieties of sage but this one is from South Dakota, picked locally and dried to keep the essential oils in the leaves.

Its appearance marks one of the great seasonal ceremonial cycles for Northern Plains Indians. During this time, Native American rituals such as the Sundance and the “Hanbleceya” (crying for a dream) or vision quest, are performed and fragrant, soothing, fresh sage beds are created for each of the participants sharing in these traditional Native American ceremonies. The cool leaves of sage restore and refresh; the aroma helps to ground tribal members, tying them to their purpose.

Available in 3 sizes: 1 pound bag, 1/2 pound bag, 1/4 pound bag or 1 ounce bag.

Special Note: All of our long time customers will notice that the price of sage has gone up and that it is now limited to (1) pound per customer, we are right at the end of our 2019 South Dakota sage harvest. This means we are on the precipice of not having any South Dakota sage available until the 2020 growing season.

Please consider this while making your on-line or phone call orders. Thank you for your continued support.


Reviews (3)

Debra Lackey Dec 2nd 2019

Local loose leaf sage

I love this fresh sage. It is the best cleansing sage I have every used. You can feel the spiritual cleansing...

Susan Schmitt Dec 1st 2019

S.D. sage

I lost my local supplier. Found this online and love it. It smells better than my old sage. My house and myself are happy again. Much recommended.

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