Wopila: Lakota Ceremonial Songs CD

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This recording is dedicated to the Lakota Nation and their ceremonies that these songs are used for. The songs on this recording are sacred to the Lakota people and they should be played in a respectful manner. They are meant only for personal use and not for public broadcasting.

Album includes: 1. Pipe Loading Song 2. Four Directions Song 3. Talking Song 4. Vision Quest Song 5. Vision Quest Song 6. Kettle Song 7. Yuwipi Song 8. Yuwipi Song 9. Bat Song 10. Sundance Song 11. Sundance Song Booklet Translations are Lakota - English - German Singers are: Dewight Provencial, Sr. (Lead singer) Harold Thompson Johnson Running Cy Sanchez Winfried Alessi-Narr Elva Thompson 12. Sundance Song


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