Book: Beadwork Techniques Of The Native Americans

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Though there are other how-to books on basic beadwork, this work by Scott Sutton is in a class by itself.

Scott covers not only the rudiments but reveals tricks he's learned from his extensive experience as a bead worker. He shares techniques not found anywhere else and compliments it all with large, highly detailed step-by-step color photos and illustrations. Even if you've done beadwork before, you'll no doubt learn ways to improve your craft.

Author: Scott Sutton | Soft cover, 96 pages


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Noel HAWKE Jun 26th 2022

Ths book is about quality and authenticity

From the first page, Scott Sutton shares not only history and design examples from Native traditions across the country, but also ways of bead weaving that can create items to last for generations. While one can find elsewhere some quick-and-easy ways to warp a beading loom, Sutton shares plans for a durable loom and explains how to warp it for ease of use, to make more durable work, too.

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