Native American Style War Shield: Black War Bonnet Design

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Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, some Native American war shields depicted all the information you needed to know about the person who was carrying this shield. This war bonnet design is common all across "Indian Country" and was mostly used on a man's robe.

The stylized view is representative of the familiar warbonnet style headdress when viewed from behind. The black and white colors together represent the eagle feathers used in construction of the warbonnets. This design was oftentimes accompanied by other drawings to make a war record by recording one's exploits in battle. Attached to this shield is a quilled medicine wheel, red trade cloth and seven imitation eagle coup feathers.

Length 40 | Width 21 inches 
Length 101.6 | Width 53.3 cm
Length measured from top of shield to bottom of trade cloth.  
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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