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The style, culture and spirit exhibited by these American Indian artists cannot be matched or mimicked.

Created by American Indian artists of the Lakota Sioux tribe and other Plains Indian tribes, as well as Non-Native American artists who are inspired by traditional Native craft, our collection of traditional and contemporary Native art includes beadwork, hide robes, jewelry, clothing, headdresses and more regalia.
  1. Warrior on Blue Horse w. Stand - Left View

    Warrior on Blue Horse w. Stand

    Marty Cuny (Ogala Lakota) creates this visual masterpiece with great care toward detail, this warrior carries a knife, shield and bow set. The warriors outfit is also beaded with glass beads. Learn More
  2. Native American Beadwork: Beaded Turtle Amulets

    Turtle Amulets w. Colorful Beadwork

    Artist, Kevin D. Fast Horse, honors American Indian tradition with these colorful beaded turtle amulets.

    Learn More
  3. Native Style Tomahawk w. Cut Out

    Tomahawk w. Leather Covering

    This leather-covered artifact reproduction was typical of the weapons used by Native hunters and warriors. Learn More
  4. Native American Hand Drum: Steer Hide

    Steer Hide Hand Drum

    These Native American hand drums are a local favorite for sweat lodge and other Native American ceremonies. Learn More
  5. Native Style Shield w. Red Hand Print

    Red Hand Shield

    Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman, many interpretations exist for the symbolism of a red hand print placed upon personal effects, lodges, or one's horse. Learn More
  6. Quillwork Headband on Short Flair Headdress

    Quillwork Headband on Short Flair Headdress

    Created by Non-Native American crafts person, O.J. Laier III, he uses dyed porcupine quills to decorate the headband of this historical recreation. Learn More
  7. Quillwork and Beadwork Penny Bag - Front View

    Quillwork and Beadwork Penny Bag

    Called a "Penny Bag", it was an item used to show status and to carry personal items. The quillwork design is a mirror image of itself. The bag also features hand cut glass Italian beads. Learn More
  8. Quilled Scabbard w. Light Cavalry Sabre - Quill Work Detail

    Quilled Scabbard w. Light Cavalry Sabre

    The "capturing" of items from battle between the Cavalry and the Native Americans was both celebrated and revered. An enemy was not disrespected and the property obtained in battle from an enemy was not disrespected. Decorating and carrying an item from an enemy had many messages, one message may be "We might be friends or brothers in another life." Learn More
  9. Quilled Headband w. Metallic Finish Glass Beads Short Flair Headdress

    Quilled Headband w. Metallic Finish Glass Beads Short Flair Headdress

    Non-Native American craft worker O.J. Laier III re-creates this historical piece, a short flair headdress is important and is an acknowledgement of your accomplishments. Learn More
  10. Quilled Doctor's Bag

    Quilled Doctor's Bag

    Non-Native American craft artist Chris Ravenshead completely covered the outside of this bag with dyed porcupine quills. Historically, some tribal members would decorate important pieces for non-tribal members to honor them and thank them for the work they did to heal the tribe. Learn More

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