Lakota Audio Series

Lakota Audio Series: A Practical Conversation, Vol. 1 is designed for the Lakota language learner who wants to learn pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence patterns in a fun, challenging and engaging way.

Lessons are built to introduce new vocabulary and concepts gradually - building a knowledge base that is then reinforced through targeted repetition and recycling.

The language student will be immersed in Lakota language in a way that creates a deep intuitive grasp of the language and establishes a very strong base for building fluency.

*Ideal for adult self-study with an easy to follow sequence.
*Listen at home, in the car or on your portable device.
*Proven, yet simple methods to advance your language skills.
*Learn the best pronunciation from native Lakota speakers.
*Booklet contains text of audio lessons and explanations.

Set includes:
10 Audio Compact Discs, 2 companion instructional booklets, and over 100 hours of audio instructions.

From the Lakota Language Consortium.