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Sassafras Bark or “canhan'sa, Laurus sassafras”, this aromatic bark is still used by the Eastern Native American tribes to brew a pleasant tasting tea for use of a blood purifier and general tonic.
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American Indians relied upon this medicinal herb to cure numerous and varied illnesses and conditions. Some tribes used this aromatic bark to treat worms, wounds and sores, and used sassafras infused water to flush out sore eyes. Others used the bark as a dye or as flavoring.


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Eva Aug 25th 2020

Great sassafras

I will be purchasing it again we love it good price great product I suggest it for anyone looking for sassafras

Jonny Lewis Aug 7th 2020

at last!

great stuff! thanks for carrying it. strangely enough, my web searches for sassafras kept bring up either sarsaparilla, or very small amounts of sassafras at hight prices.

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