Native American Two Cover Shield: Emerging Elk Spirit

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Native American artist Jim Little Wounded (Minneconjou Lakota), creates the image of a Spirit Elk emerging into the physical world.

Jim uses a willow hoop that he stretches rawhide across. He paints an image onto this that only the owner of the shield knows and the artist. Jim adds a soft cover made from commercially tanned deer hide.

Jim beads the emerging spirit image with glass beads and then paints the rest of the shield with acrylic paints. Jim finishes the decoration of the shield with imitation eagle feathers, deer hooves, quill wrapped leather dangles and a cluster of beads with metal bells.

The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 27 | Width 21 | Deep 1 inches
Length is measured from the top of the shield to the bottom of the feathers.
All measurements are approximate.


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