Native American Made: X-Long Lance w. Painted Rawhide Cover

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Local Native American artist Jeremiah Little Wounded creates a long lance which would be used to thrust into a buffalo, if your aim was true it would work, if not, the buffalo would turn on you.

Jeremiah uses a wooden shaft with an iron blade attached to the end. The wood is stained a dark brown color and the lance blade is aged to look old. He decorates the shaft with buffalo fur, glass beads, deer leather and imitation eagle feathers.

Jeremiah finishes the lance with a rawhide lance tip cover. The cover is hand painted with acrylic paints and then finished with leather dangles, glass beads, wool cloth and brass bells.

Measurements: Length 82 | Width 12 | Deep 2 inches (Width is measured from the shaft to the bottom of the hanging feathers).
All measurements are approximate.


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