Native American Made: Standing Bear Beaded Black Bear Robe

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"The Lakota look upon the Black Bear with respect, for strong medicine, often the bear image was seen in sacred ceremonies."
~ Kevin Fast Horse, Sr. | Oglala Lakota

Kevin pays respect to the Black Bear with this robe. He beads the robe with hand cut glass Italian beads in rich shades of dark blue for the background color, transparent colors mixed with opaque colors for the center geometric design and then borders the whole robe with white heart beads in a rare color.

Kevin beads the four bear tracks and three rosettes. The rosettes feature abalone shells with glass and brass bead dangles. Kevin covers the eyes with abalone shells, glass beads and brass beads so that the spirit of the bear can see in the afterlife. 

The piece is signed by the artist.


Length 62 | Width 59 | Deep 7 inches
All measurements are approximate.


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