Native American Made Quillwork Bag w Bead Wrapped Handle

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Native American artist Bill Mendoza, Oglala Lakota Sioux, has masterfully put together a bag that features his skill with porcupine quills and glass beads. This bag is more reminiscent of the trade era, there are bits if metal, trade glass colored beads, classic dyed quills on smoked deer hide. This is a beautiful addition to any Native American art collection.

The back of the bag shows the scrap marks from the beginning of the tanning process. There is a long thong for tying the bag closed.

Bill had this to say about his bag, "The inspiration centers around the Anpo Wicahpi or the Morning Star and it's journey across the Sky. Among other teachings, I have been taught that the Anpo Wicahpi teaches us courage and leadership by ushering in a new day to our existence. As I watch Anpo Wicahpi make her journey into the night, all the other Wicahpi and darkness that are so powerful and amazing in their own right, gracefully make way for her and all the light that she brings - such grace and humility in this entrance. I am always left with an overwhelming sense of purity, rejuvenation, and courage. The bands of red signify Anpo Wicahpi's movement across the sky, and the Red, Purple, and Green represent the deference given by Earth, Stars, and Darkness."

Artist: Bill Mendoza, Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Length 16 | Width 9 | Deep .5 inches.
The actual bag measures 9 inches long by 6 inches across.
All measurements are approximate.


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