Native American Made: No Tracks Child’s Moccasins

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There are many things that parents do to protect their children. This pair of child’s moccasins is an example of protecting your child from being tracked. The long fringe on the sides cover the fact this track was created by little feet.

Created by Native American artist Thomas Ridley (Ute Mountain Ute Tribe of Colorado). His own words describe his thoughts while crafting the moccasins, “ No Tracks Moccasins - As mother’s would worry about their kids, back when it was a time of worry due to the fact that White Men were everywhere, there were orders to shoot and kill any Indian they saw! This type of moccasin would be made for the children and elderly to cover their foot steps! ”

Thomas uses commercially tanned deer leather, glass beads and solid brass beads, to hand craft these moccasins.

Length 4 1/2 | Width 2 | Height 2 1/2 inches
Fringe is 3 inches long.
All measurements are approximate.


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