Native American Made Buffalo Rib Knife w. Beaded Sheath

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Native American artist Kevin Fast Horse hand crafts the knife sheath with commercially tanned leather dyed black.  He also hand beads blue, maroon, red transparent, green, white mustard yellow beads into a geometrical tipi design onto the sheath.  The inside of the sheath is lined with sturdy leather as well.  The knife itself is crafted from the rib of a buffalo and the handle is wrapped with dyed black commercially tanned leather as well.  This knife and sheath set is equipped to be worn looped through a belt or as a stand-alone piece.  To complete the set, Kevin signs his work!

Sheath Measurements:
Length: 13.0 inches (from top of "belt loop" to tip of sheath)
Width: 3.0 inches

Knife Measurements:
Length: 12.5 inches (tip to tip)
Width: 1.0 inch 

*All measurements are approximate!


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Kevin Fast Horse
Tribe Affiliation:
Oglala Lakota