Native American Made: 1890’s Style Muslin Ghost Dance Shield w Constellation Designs

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Created by Lakota artist Tim Lammers, this is a shield created using muslin material. Muslin material was used for bagging flour, sugar, etc… and when the Plains Indians could no longer obtain hides for constructing important personal items, they turned to muslin. Tim uses this historic material, he hand paints a depiction of a stylized constellation or star map.

The constellation imagery is stunning, the stars have been a constant guide for the Plains Indians. Added with this are the decorations Tim choose to use. There are porcupine quill wrapped leather dangles, feathers with real horse hair, cowrie shells and a buffalo fur strap.

Tim paints the muslin cloth with powdered trade paint, earth paint has been used by many cultures all around the world. 

The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 37 | Width 21 | Deep 4 inches
Length is measured from the top of the shield to the bottom of the hanging horse hair.
All measurements are approximate.


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