Native American Hand Painted, Quilled and Beaded Buffalo Skull: War Pipes

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To mark the beginning of a war party, a special pipe was created, as the long trek to the battlefield was made and each tribe’s warriors were gathered, the pipe was brought along. The pipe would be presented and the question would be asked “Will you join us for war?” It was never assumed that everyone would participate in your war but if they did the pipe would seal the event with truthful words for war.
~Jim Little Wounded, 2019

Jim uses a commercially prepared buffalo/bison skull, and makes it ready to hang. Jim paints the skull with designs of pipes, and decorates further with dyed porcupine quills, glass beads, imitation feathers, metal bell and tin cones. The horn caps are left unpolished.

Length 25 | Width 25 | Deep 10 inches
All measurements are approximate.


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