Native American Hand Made: War Party Leader Pipe Bag

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Lakota artist Brenna Ravenshead creates and then tells the story of this hand made pipe bag used by a War Party Leader (Blota Hunka ta Canto Juha, Lakota name).

Her story:
“The tabs at the bottom of the bag symbolize leadership. Each beaded pipe image symbolizes the leader of a war party. This bag was owned by a leader who led two war parties. The horse tracks symbolize the number of horses he stole. The feathers symbolize how many times he counted coup. Incorporated are all the colors of the Great Spirit. Yellow symbolizes Inyan - the Rock (creation story), green symbolizes Unci Maka - the Earth, red symbolizes Ampewi - the Sun, blue symbolizes Daku Skan Skan - the Sky.”

Brenna uses soft leather for the bag, it’s actual measurement is 15 inches long by 6 inches wide. She paints the bag and adds long fringe on one side of the bag and the bottom. Brenna uses hand cut glass Italian beads for the beadwork designs and then finishes the decoration with tin cone and feather dangles.

Length 21 | Width 7 | Deep 1/2 inches
All measurements are approximate.


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