Native American Hand Made Pipe Bag w. Personal Pipe Set

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Native American artist Mike McLeod creates a personal pipe set. The Plains Indians used smoking as a way to focus prayers, send messages to their ancestors and connect all to the person carrying the set. 

Mike uses a commercially tanned deer hide for the bag, he decorates the bag with glass beadwork, imitation feathers, horse hair dangles and leather fringe. The actual bag measures 9 1/2 inches long by 6 1/2 inches wide (this measurement does not include the long leather fringe or horse hair dangles). 

Mike adds a small personal pipe set that includes a wooden stem that is decorated with glass beads, leather lace and imitation feathers. The stem measures 11 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide. The pipe set also features a hand carved catlinite bowl in the shape of an L. The bowl measures 2 1/2 inches long by 2 inches tall by 3/4 inch wide.

Length 30 | Width 8 1/2 | Deep 1 inches
Length is measured to the bottom of the horse hair dangles.
All measurements are approximate.


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