Native American Hand Made Double Pipe Bag w Flag Pipe Set

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Native American artist Mike McLeod creates a small pip bag with pipe set, the beaded stem of the pipe also features beadwork and a t-shaped bowl.

Mike starts with a commercially tanned deer hide. He paints the hide with acrylic paint and then adds the details like metal spots, beadwork and long twisted leather fringe. He decorates the bag with leather dangles that feature metal cones and glass beads, he added a horse hair dangle from a metal cone. The actual bag measures 18 inches long by 5 inches wide by 1/4 inch deep.

Mike has added a carved pipe bowl with wooden stem. The wooden stem is decorated with glass beads, a leather dangle that features metal cones, glass and metal beads and imitation eagle body feathers. Mike attaches a small flag amulet to complete the decoration of the stem. The stem measures 10 inches long by 1 inch wide by 1 inch deep. The bowl is hand carved in a t-shape.

Length 37 | Width 9 | Deep 1 inches
Length and width include the twisted fringe.
All measurements are approximate.


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