Native American Hand Carved Horse Head Tamper w Ball in Box

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Native American artist Jim Little Wounded hand carves this tamper from wood, he has incorporated a ball in box below the horse head. The ball is carved inside the box, the skill to do this is a show of a  master carver.

Jim stains the wood, he adds glass beads for the eyes. Below the ball in box is a length of quill work and then finished wood below that. Jim adds two quilled dangles that are finishes with tin cones and dyed red horse hair. Jim adds a single buffalo nickel. 

Tampers are used to gently stir your smoking mixture and to help clean the bowl. Never hit your red pipestone bowl against a hard surface, your bowl will break.

The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 14 1/4 | Width 1 | Deep 1 inches
All measurements are approximate.


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