Native American Hand Carved Horse Dance Stick w Rider & Mini Bear Shield

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Native American artist Jim Little Wounded, Minneconjou Lakota Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, creates a tribute to a rider and his trusted pony. The artist wanted to show that for some the relationship goes beyond our physical world.

Jim carves the horse from wood, he stains and paints with acrylics. Jim wraps the body of the horse with leather and glass beads, he attaches real horse hair for the forelock, mane and tail and finalizes a saddle for the rider.

Jim carves the head of the rider from wood and then attaches to a soft body so the rider will sit on the horse. The rider has a cotton shirt, wool cloth apron, leather leggings with beadwork and moccasins with beadwork. Jim finishes the decoration of this rider piece with a mini bear shield, breastplate, choker, arm bands, buffalo fur for hair and a spray of feathers on his head.

The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 24 | Height 11 | Deep 3 inches.
Height does not include horse hair or dangling feathers.
All measurements are approximate.


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