Native American Hand Beaded Bull Buffalo Skull: Buffalo w Geometric Pattern

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Native American artist Kevin Fast Horse Sr., Oglala Lakota, uses hand cut glass Italian beads to decorate this bull buffalo skull. An important symbol for the Plains Indians for thousands of years, Kevin acknowledges the relationship between the Buffalo Nation and the People.

Kevin uses a commercially cleaned bison skull with horn caps. Kevin leaves the horns caps rough and not polished, he finishes the end of each horn cap with leather, yellow wool cloth and glass beads.

He covers the forehead and nasal passage covers with glass beads and leather. The symbols are Kevin’s own designs that incorporate a magpie, geometric pattern (representing the Great Sioux Nation) and charging buffalo. Kevin finishes the decoration of the skull with two imitation eagle feathers.

The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 35 | Width 24 | Deep 12 1/2 inches.
Length is measured from the top of the horn tips to the bottom of the hanging feathers.
All measurements are approximate.


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