Native American Hand Beaded and Quilled Skunk Bag w Spirit Bear Symbol

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A magnificent example of blending beadwork and quillwork, Native American artist Jim Little Wounded uses the Spirit of the Bear to complete the artwork on the skunk bag.

Historically, the Plains Indians used the smell of a skunk to mask their own scent, if you smelled like a skunk you could sneak up on smaller game.  

Jim uses a commercially tanned skunk hide with fur on, he covers the eyes with beadwork and edges the mouth opening with glass beads. Each leg is wrapped with glass beads and the paws have been preserved with claws.

The large quilled disc is attached and then embellished with a beaded leather drop. The drop is finished with two quill wrapped dangles with tin cones, dyed red horse hair and metal bells.

The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 30 | Width 9 | Depth 2 inches
All measurements are approximate.


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