Mini Pipe Set w Quilled & Beaded Pouch

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Non-Native American artist Chris Ravenshead creates a personal pipe set with a decorated pouch. The set features a pipestone bowl with wooden stem, a pouch filled with red willow bark and a quilled and beaded pouch.

The pouch is created with scraped and smoked deer leather, it’s cut into a pouch with a flap and long fringe on the sides. The actual bag measures 4 inches tall by 9 1/2 inches wide by 1/4 on a inch deep. Chris decorates the pouch with glass beads and dyed porcupine quills. He added a metal button to help secure the pouch closed.

Chris adds a smaller pouch that is tied close with a leather thong, inside the pouch is red willow bark. The material used is a small piece of cotton cloth. The pipe and stem as well as red willow bark bag fit neatly into the decorated pouch.

Length 10 | Width 11 | Deep 1 inches

Length is measured from the top of the pouch to the bottom of the fringe.


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