Black War Bonnet Drum & Beater

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Created by non-Native American artist Dan Chapman from Sturgis, SD. Featuring the Black War Bonnet design, this drum is constructed from wood with stretched rawhide and secured with rawhide lacing. It is painted with commercial paint on one side and left plain on the other.

Popular among the tribes of the Northern Plains, this typical "Black Warbonnet" design was commonly used to decorate men's robes. The stylized view is representative of the familiar warbonnet style headdress when viewed from behind. The black and white colors together represent the eagle feathers used in construction of the warbonnets. This design was oftentimes accompanied by other drawings to make a war record by recording one's exploits in battle.

Recommended use for decoration only.

Diameter 13 | Depth 4 inches
Diameter 33.1 | Depth 10.2 cm
Measurement for drum only. Beater is 17 inches (43.18 cm) long.
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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