Personal Plain Pipe w. Pipestone Bowl

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Our catlinite (pipestone) pipes are hand-carved by a fourth generation pipemaker who is an enrolled Oglala Lakota Sioux from the Pine Ridge Reservation. The bowls are beautifully finished and in elegant proportion to the carved and smoothed ash-wood stems. Bowls are carved to fit the stem and will vary in size.

We generally have the best selection in the spring when the time comes for Hanbleciye and when the Sun Dance cycle begins. Please note! When putting the pipestem into the pipe bowl, put it in at nearly the desired position and snug it in GENTLY with a slight quarter-turn twist. DO NOT force the stem into the bowl or try to screw it in or the bowl may crack. Approximately 11 inches long.

Available in a women's pipe set or a men's pipe set


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