Kevin Locke - Love Songs Of The Lakota

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“The Lakota love song is a unique form quite distinct melodically from the rest of Lakota music. The songs are dream like and were often intoned in the hush of the evening. The flute player would discretely position himself so that, with the wind to his back, his serenade would penetrate directly to the heart of his beloved.” ~Kevin Locke

This album was recorded outdoors next to a stream in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1982. The artist's first published recording, this collection presents twelve traditional Lakota love songs performed on three different flutes. Kevin has written extensive notes about Lakota flute playing, his flutes, and the histories and translations of the Lakota lyrics of each song when sung. Album includes: 1. The Original Flute Song 2. Brother-In-Law 3. The Gossiper Song 4. Sioux Falls Maiden Song 5. Stand and Wait For Me 6. Morning Star Love Song 7. Why Did You Hurt Me So? 8. I'm Crying Looking For You 9. Badlands Boy 10. Ink Pa Ta 11. The Photograph


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