Howard Bad Hand - Sacred Songs Of Native American Healing - CD

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This CD has Traditional songs included in this collection that are also featured in the book Native American Healing by Howard Bad Hand.

The songs included herein are those featured in Howard Bad Hand's book "Native American Healing" (Keats, 2001). On this CD, Howard accompanying himself in 3 part harmony, sings more slowly and enunciates the Lakota words of the songs more clearly than would be the case in an actual ceremony. This has been done to assist non-Lakota speakers in learning the songs. The harmonies and tonal qualities of this recording also make it an excellent choice for contemplative or meditative listening. Album includes: 1. Friend Do It This Way 2. Look Upon This Pipe, It Is Sacred 3. To The Four Directions, I Am Related 4. It Is To The Great Spirit First That I Pray 5. Sacred People Are Coming To See You 6. I Have Somehow Arrived 7. Everything Is Sacred, Look Here 8. The One I Am Singing For Is Now Coming 9. Their Voices Can Be Heard 10. Hear Me! I Am Speaking From Them! 11. Send Your Voice 12. I Give You Grandfather's Prophecies! 13. I Give These To You 14. We Watch You From Above 15. I Speak Sincerely, Do Not Deceive Me! Booklet included with Lakota to English words.


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