CD - 4 Generations Woptura Oyate Olowan Wakan: Hanbleciya Olowan Vol. 2

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This CD is by Benjamin Godfrey Chipps, Sr. (deceased) is a Lakota from the Oglala Sioux Tribe. He is a 4th generation Yuwipi Spiritual interpreter and great grandson of the fame Holy Man Woptura.

Hanbleciya means "crying for a dream" - often called a Vision Quest. Many of these songs are used during the Vision Quest ceremony. These songs teach about life and spirit and are to be used respectfully. Album includes: 1. Benjamin speaking about sacrifice. 2. Prayer of the Sacred Pipe. 3. Commitment Song. 4. Vision Quest 4 Direction Song. 5. Vision Quest Prayer Song. 6. Prayer Song (Voice from Above). 7. Prayer Song (4 Altars). 8. Prayer Song (An Altar is Given). 9. Prayer Song (Come to the Hill). 10. Vision Quest Offering Song. 11. Benjamin speaking about prayer offerings.


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