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Pow Wow Music

Pow Wow Music

Featuring energetic drum rhythms & syncopated lyrics, pow wow music is an exciting synthesis of old and new Native American songs.

  1. Pow wow music by Ironwood Singers: Live at Rosebud Fair

    Ironwood Singers - Traditional Songs of the Sioux - Live at Rosebud Fair (CD)

    The Ironwood Singers can sing many kinds of songs, but their specialty is their traditional songs and their ability to sing exactly the right song for a particular occasion and to sing it well. Learn More
  2. Pow wow music by Porcupine Singers: Traditional Lakota Songs

    Porcupine Singers - Traditional Lakota Songs (CD)

    Recorded live at the Ring Thunder Wacipi (celebration arena) on the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota in 1977, this CD recording captures the Porcupine Singers' deep fondness for traditional Lakota songs. Learn More
  3. Black Lodge Singers, More Children's Pow Wow Songs (version 2)

    Black Lodge Singers - Kid's Pow Wow Songs (vol 1 & 2) (CD)

    Starting at: $18.50

    The Black Lodge Singers created these songs specially for children to dance during pow wows or anytime just for fun! These are their "pow wow-ed" versions of popular children's songs - lyrics are sung in English and set to a pow wow beat. Learn More
  4. Pow wow music CD by Black Lodge Singers: Veterans Honor Songs (CD)

    Black Lodge Singers - Veterans' Honor Songs (CD)

    It is the Native American way to always remember and honor the men and women who serve and have served in the armed forces. This CD recording presents ten pow-wow songs composed to honor those who have protected their country and their people. Learn More
  5. CD - Sissy Goodhouse - The Third Circle

    CD - Sissy Goodhouse - The Third Circle

    The "Third Circle" is the Wicaglata or women singers. We women have our own circle, not only around the drum but in life too. From the bringing of the pipe, to the bringing forth of new life, we women have special places that insure the continuing of us as a people.

    Learn More
  6. CD - Lakota Thunder - Veterans Songs

    CD - Lakota Thunder - Veterans Songs

    "There was a time that to be Lakota was to be laughed at and scorned, but through those adversities there were men and women who cherished the Lakota ways and kept them for us so we would never lose our identities. It is these grandfathers and grandmothers that we dedicate this CD collection of songs."
    ~Lakota Thunder Learn More
  7. Show Time – Live from Big Sky - CD

    Show Time – Live from Big Sky - CD

    Hailing from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, Show Time has innovated and delivered an extraordinary style and sound all their own. This music was recorded live at the 2016 MSU-Bozeman Pow-Wow with a variety of inherited singing knowledge and history. Learn More
  8. Lakota Thunder – Way of Life - CD

    Lakota Thunder – Way of Life - CD

    This particular collection spans many generations in the Lakota way of life where there is a song for everything.  For instance, there are songs for sorrow, happiness, praise, and even songs of remembrance. Thus, Lakota Thunder’s “Way of Life” captures it in one powerful cd. Learn More

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