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Christopher Marley Insect Art

Christopher Marley Insect Art

“My chief objective in working with obscure organisms is to foster a deeper appreciation for the masterful design found everywhere in the natural world." “This passion began for me with insects. Though an avid naturalist from my youth, for most of my life, insects were to me all that was wrong with nature. I could find no beauty or appreciation in them—only abhorrence. However, once I looked at them from the perspective of a designer, I was immediately affected by how cleanly and precisely they fit with my own artistic standards of purpose and sleek utilization. Delving a bit deeper into the insect world, I was shocked to discover how much latent elegance and lustrous beauty I had been unable to see. As my intense emotions regarding insects switched polarity, a driving passion was born to share my newfound perspective. In order to bring others to this alternative view, I needed to take these enigmatic creatures as far as possible out of their natural context, where I had studiously avoided them for so many years.” ~Christopher Marley
  1. Tropical Weevils

    Tropical Weevils

    Brilliantly colored "Tropical Weevils" are preserved within an air-tight frame by artist, Christopher Marley.
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  2. Christopher Marley Insect Art - Fiery Birdwing

    Fiery Birdwing

    This "Fiery Birdwing" of Indonesia is beautifully preserved within a contemporary black frame.
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  3. Colure - Insect Art by Christopher Marley


    Christopher Marley's 'Colure' uniquely displays these beautiful butterflies from Malaysia.
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  4. Insect Art by Christopher Marley - Beetle Mosaic

    Coleoptera Mosaic

    Beetles from the North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Madagascar, Asia and Australia are arranged and preserved within an air-tight frame. This large-scale "mosaic" is an impressive work of contemporary art by Christopher Marley.
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  5. Staff Mantis

    Staff Mantis

    The Staff Mantis is a perfectly camouflaged insect from Indonesia that remains motionless until the perfect moment when it strikes it's prey. Chris Marley collects and frames insects from around the world.
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