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Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

There are few things more beautiful than the tales, legends and the spirit depicted in Native American fine art.

Among the stunning and sophisticated Native American art pieces in our gallery are the ledger drawings of Lakota artist Donald Montileaux and the works of JoAnne Bird.

We also feature an impressive collection of Non-Native American made modern and contemporary art - from the unique Insect Art of Christopher Marley to the delicate paper sculptures of Allen and Patty Eckman.

  1. Mick B. Harrison - Framed Oil Painting - Resting the Ponies

    Resting the Ponies

    An original oil on canvas, "Resting the Ponies" by Mick B. Harrison, depicts two Native American men with horses who have stopped for a rest high in the Black Hills.
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  2. Chief - Ledger Art - Evans Flammond, Sr.


    “Chief,” a colored pencil and ink drawing on antique ledger paper was drawn by Lakota ledger artist, Evans Flammond, Sr. It’s a very detailed rendition of a Sioux Chief with his headdress, lance and shield.
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  3. Returning Home - Ledger Art - Evans Flammond, Sr.

    Returning Home

    Rosebud Sioux ledger artist, Evans Flammond, Sr. used colored pencil and ink on an antique ledger page from 1898 to create, “Returning Home.”
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  4. Declaration of Independence - Evans Flammond, Sr.

    Declaration of Independence

    “Declaration of Independence” is an original colored pencil and ink drawing on a print of the Declaration of Independence by Rosebud Sioux artist, Evans Flammond, Sr.
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  5. Buffalo Warrior - Original Ledger Art - Evans Flammond, Sr.

    Buffalo Warrior

    Evans Flammond, Sr. is Rosebud Sioux artist who creates original ledger art. “Buffalo Warrior” is drawn with colored pencil and ink on a sheet of ledger paper dated 1895.
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  6. Four Bears by Evans Flammond, Sr. - Lakota Ledger Art

    Four Bears

    "Four Bears" by Evans Flammond, Sr. is a colored pencil and ink portrait on 1888 ledger paper of the famous and revered Mandan chief who lived from around the late 1700s until 1837.
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  7. Black River Crossing - JoAnne Bird - Acrylic Painting

    Black River Crossing

    Emerging from the woods is a group of Native Americans on horseback in JoAnne Bird’s, “Black River Crossing.”
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  8. Belonging As One - JoAnne Bird - Acrylic on Canvas

    Belonging As One

    Making their way through the trees is a small group of Native Americans in JoAnne Bird’s acrylic, “Belonging As One.”
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  9. Free Style - Acrylic on Canvas - JoAnne Bird

    Free Style

    “Free Style” is an original acrylic painting of a Native American dancer by Dakota artist, JoAnne Bird.
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  10. Mysterious Riders - JoAnne Bird - Acrylic Painting

    Mysterious Riders

    “Mysterious Riders” by Dakota Sioux artist JoAnne Bird is an acrylic painting on canvas.
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