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Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

There are few things more beautiful than the tales, legends and the spirit depicted in Native American fine art.

Among the stunning and sophisticated Native American art pieces in our gallery are the ledger drawings of Lakota artist Donald Montileaux and the works of JoAnne Bird.

We also feature an impressive collection of Non-Native American made modern and contemporary art - from the unique Insect Art of Christopher Marley to the delicate paper sculptures of Allen and Patty Eckman.

  1. Mick B. Harrison - Framed Oil Painting - Resting the Ponies

    Resting the Ponies

    An original oil on canvas, "Resting the Ponies" by Mick B. Harrison, depicts two Native American men with horses who have stopped for a rest high in the Black Hills.
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  2. Framed Acrylic Painting - Moonlight and Campfires - Lakota Artist Del Iron Cloud - Tipi Encampment Scene

    Moonlight and Campfires

    "Moonlight and Campfires" is an original acrylic painting by Lakota artist Del Iron Cloud. It features a nighttime scene of a Native American encampment.
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  3. Lakota Artist - Del Iron Cloud - Moonlit Evening - Native American Camp Scene

    Moonlit Evening

    Del Iron Cloud is a Lakota artist who used acrylic on canvas to render this serene image of a Native American encampment on a crisp winter's night in "Moonlit Evening".
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  4. Early Chase - Del Iron Cloud - Original Native American Art

    Early Chase

    Buffalo stampede as they are chased by two Lakota men in Del Iron Cloud’s acrylic painting, “Early Chase”.
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  5. The King' by Del Iron Cloud - Native American

    The King

    A herd of majestic buffalo with “The King” in front and center is the subject of Lakota artist, Del Iron Cloud’s acrylic painting on canvas.
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  6. Native American Ledger Art - Lakota Horse Nation by Don Montileaux

    Lakota Horse Nation

    Don Montileaux has rendered this large-scale ledger drawing, “Lakota Horse Nation,” using colored pencil and ink on two ledger pages still attached from the center of a general store’s ledger book dated 1906.
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  7. Red Horse - Ledger Drawing by Donald F. Montileaux

    Red Horse

    “Red Horse” is an energetic image of a painted horse rendered by Native American ledger artist, Don Montileaux.
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  8. Con.Fron.Ta.Tion - Don Montileaux - Limited Edition Print


    Native American ledger artist Don Montileaux created this limited edition print of Lakota warriors riding into battle against an unseen enemy. “Con.Fron.Ta.Tion” shows how the warriors used methods of concealing themselves behind their horses in battle.
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  9. Blue Head - Don Montileaux - Limited Edition Print

    Blue Head

    “Blue Head,” by Lakota ledger artist Don Montileaux, is a limited edition print featuring three colorful and stylized horses printed on heavy watercolor paper with archival inks.
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  10. Spotted Elk - Don Montileaux - Limited Edition Print

    Spotted Elk

    Lakota artist, Don Montileaux’s limited edition ledger art print, “Spotted Elk,” depicts a lone warrior riding his favorite war pony into battle.
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