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"Whereas the need to poet is carried from one generation to the next. Whereas, those of us who have gone before keep watch to see who will emerge to take on the burden of history, to make poems of blood and love. Whereas, we need poems that will wind through the broken places in our gutted imagination. Whereas, Layli Long Soldier is one of the dinest singers of her generation to be called through the doorway of poetry."

"Whereas, in this first collection she has made a stunning poetry of tribal-personal awareness, injustice, and words tightened with the sinew of truth. Whereas, in these poems there can be no false claims, no boundaries, no treaties. Whereas, these poems are a young Oglala Lakota poet taking her place,as she follows in the path of buffalo, horses, Indian cars and patient ancestors. Whereas, we are in a century still drenched in gunshot and longing. Whereas, these poems are the songs you need to make it through to the other side." ~Joy Harjo

"Triumphing amid a field of five highly acclaimed finalists, poet Layli Long Soldier’s debut collection “Whereas”, a piercing rejoinder to the US Congressional resolution of apology to Native Americans, claimed the night’s book of the year prize, the PEN/Jean Stein Book Award." Described by judges as a “grand reckoning with language and history,” Whereas was praised for its “elegant and fierce introspection” and “rectifying spirit of restless invention.” ~Pen America: The Freedom to Write

Review by Brenna:
Reading Layli Long Soldier’s, Whereas, is something I would recommend to anyone who loves poetry. I absolutely love to read, and this poetry was new to me. Layli Long Soldier makes her experience yours with such detail and beautiful words. Reading this book had me sitting long hours in the night, trying to think about the long hours she spent putting her thoughts into words. It amazes me, the way she puts everything together. What drew me in was how I could relate to parts of the book. I will definitely read more of her work in the very near future.


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Additional Info

Layli Long Soldier
Publication Details:
2017 | Book of Poetry
Book Details:
Soft cover, 106 pages