Warriors of the Plains: The Arts of Plains Indian Warfare

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Warriors of the Plains explores the art of North American Plains Indian warriors - weapons, clothing and ceremonial objects - with particular emphasis on their ritual use and symbolic meanings.

Unlike most books on Plains Indians, which have a purely historical focus, this title examines the ongoing legacy, continuity and changes between historic war practices and contemporary Native American military associations. Originally set up as clubs to organize war raids and to police seasonal cycles of nomadic hunting, warrior societies today maintain much of the Plains Indians ethos, vigorously reinforcing their cultural, national and ethnic identity.

With a fresh approach to the subject, Mac Carocci reveals how specific items and symbols - objects of ritual and honor - such as the American flag, eagle feathers and medicine bundles have been used over the last 200 years and explores the introduction of new elements in modern ceremonial practices such as powwow dance competitions and war veteran celebrations.

In addition to the fascinating objects that author draws on both modern and archival photographs, integrating history and anthropology with personal narratives.

Book review by Donovin Sprague.


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