The Wooden Indian Resurrection (Novel)

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Deborah, a modern Native American, is as dead as the wooden Indian she impersonates at work. She festers with bitterness from a stab-in-the-back by white high school girlfriends that led to her arrest and exile, and the shattering of her romance with a white boy she secretly planned to marry. Years pass, and Deborah’s former girlfriends discover her and mysteriously beg for help. No way will she help them, but if she confronts them, will she finally be free from her past? And after wasting her life, is it too late to become who she’s meant to be?

Deborah’s search for wholeness is a journey of coming of age in middle age, of realizing she can love passionately again. Her redemptive path leads to a thrilling ending that leaves readers with the hope that their lives, too, can be transformed.


Review by Brittany Poor Bear & Brittany Davila
“The Wooden Indian Resurrection” is an interesting, fictional book about a woman named Deborah, who went through a traumatic event in her younger years where she was made to question her culture as well as her identity in a time where racial prejudiced constructs ruled society. She carried feelings of bitterness, resentment, and hurt later on throughout her adult life. This book is essentially a “coming of age” story in middle age because Deborah is forced to face the would-be ghosts of her past and finally deal with trauma she has tried to essentially run from. Moreover, it’s a book one cold compare to a life odyssey where on the way to find yourself, you have to realize that your past doesn’t have to define you and you don’t have to live a life full of hurt and bitterness. Deborah’s story allows for readers to experience what it’s like to find yourself, on a journey of personal growth while keeping true to your cultural identity. It’s not just about forgiving others whom have done you wrong, it’s about healing past hurts so the world can be just a little bit brighter for the future.



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Brooke Grimes Nov 10th 2019

Excellent read

I'm so happy I bought this book! It was an excellent read & is very inspirational for anyone who questions whether they're getting too old to pursue their dreams. This was as good as I hoped/expected it to be! I would encourage everyone to read this book!!

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Trish Hermanson
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Paperback, 325 pages
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