The Women's Warrior Society (Book of Native American Narratives)

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This book is a remarkable gathering of characters and voices used to expose the truths about Native American life.  In tightly woven prose, Lois Beardslee tells stories about people from all over North America, and from either side of the line between abused and abuser.  Both individual and archetypal, Native and non-Native, male and female, her characters take up arms agains widely accepted stereotypes about Native people.  This is political writing at its most honest and creative.  Beardslee's style is poetic and lyrical, and her voice, shifting as it does, both grips us with terrible tone and comforts us with familiar reassurance.  A fierce call to action, this book reads like a song cycle - both singing to us and demanding that we sing in response.


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Additional Info

Lois Beardslee
Publication Details:
University of Arizona Press, 2008
Book Details:
Paperback, 138 pages