The Wind is my Mother: The Life & Teachings of a Native American Shaman Bear Heart

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With eloquent simplicity, one of the world's last Native American medicine men demonstrates how traditional tribal wisdom can help us maintain spiritual and physical health in today's world. Through inspiring stories and examples from his own life, he teaches us how to live.

Bear Heart is both a healer and a "road man" of the Native American Church. In great demand as a public speaker, he has made numerous television and radio appearances . Bear Heart has an honorary degree in the Humanities from St. John's University in Louisiana and is an adjunct consultant to Memorial Psychiatric Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bear Heart lives in Albuquerque.

Review by Brittany:
This particular book follows the life and teachings of one of the world’s last Native American medicine men, Bear Heart also known as Marcellus Williams.  Through his personal stories, he shares how traditional tribal wisdom can help in today’s world.  Moreover, Bear Heart’s teachings help to create a fundamental basis for how to live a healthy life filled with peace and serenity.  But what’s more, is that this book aims to inspire its readers, to make them think, and to open up new outlooks towards knowledge, enlightenment, and insight  Essentially, this allows the readers to come away with a better understanding of others, nature, as well as themselves and their very own place in the universe.  It’s truly a great book for all walks of life.


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