The New Trail of Tears: How Washington is Destroying American Indians

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This book reveals a much needed look into the heart breaking conditions on American Indian reservations where the policies today are devastating. Policies are denying Indians ownership of their land, refusing them access to the free market and failing to provide the police and legal protections due to them as American citizens—that have turned reservations into small third-world countries in the middle of the richest and freest nation on earth.

The tragedy of our Indian policies demands reexamination immediately—not only because they make the lives of millions of American citizens harder and more dangerous—but also because they represent a microcosm of everything that has gone wrong with modern liberalism. They are the result of decades of politicians and bureaucrats showering a victimized people with money and cultural sensitivity instead of what they truly need—the education, the legal protections and the autonomy to improve their own situation. If we are really ready to have a conversation about American Indians, it is time to stop bickering about the names of football teams and institute real reforms that will bring to an end this ongoing national shame.


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Additional Info

Naomi Schaefer Riley
Publication Details:
Encounter Books, 2016
Book Details:
Hardcover, 214 pages