Spirit Walker: JD Challenger and his Art (Artist's Edition)

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Featuring more than one hundred full-color paintings, Spirit Walker, JD Challenger and His Art tells the story of the painter and and his work and offers extensive insights into its creation.  

Scholars of American history are now contemplating the ways in which Indian culture influenced the development of a national character that is uniquely American. JD's work captures that connection.  His uncanny mixture of symbols from two worlds presses the viewer to look for the messages that might be found there.  It's as if he is saying, 'I don't necessarily want you to think what I think.  I just want you to think.'

JD Challenger works closely with Native Americans across the country to inspire his striking paintings.  His desire to learn has brought him significant acclaim from collectors of fine art originals, limited edition prints, and bronzes.  As one collector explains, "Challenger is capable of painting what can only be described as visual poetry.  Whether the viewer related to the subject matter or not, one must be impressed by the power, depth, and dimension of his talent."

But Challenger feels his great achievement is his acceptance by the Native American community.  "The color and expression in JD's paintings bring out the true Native American feeling and pride of the Ghost Dance era," explains Augie Gay Fox, one of Challenger's models.


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Additional Info

E. Dan Klepper
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Tide-mark Press, Ltd. 2005
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Hardcover, 136 pages