Sioux Code Talkers of World War II

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When the attack on Pearl Harbor propelled the United States into World War II, reliable means of communication were crucial and scarce. With a wealth of knowledge about the English language and its colloquialisms, Japanese cryptographers were deciphering American battle plans at a feverish pace.

The U.S. Armed Forces were perplexed and every moment the dilemma went unsolved resulted in more deaths. Although the Native Americans were not aware of it when they responded to the call to protect their homelands, their complex native languages could offer a solution. Many have heard of the role of the Navajo Code Talkers, but less well-known are the Sioux Code Talkers, who used the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota dialects.

Serving under General MacArthur, seven Sioux Indian men formed a small unit and were allowed to send coded messages back and forth.They risked their lives sneaking behind enemy lines to gather information and to relay their top-secret messages back to headquarters.Told by the grand niece of John Bear King, who served as a Sioux Code Talker, this comprehensive volume explores the pivotal role that indigenous peoples played in the war.


Review by Brittany:
Sioux Code Talkers of World War II is a book perfect for Veterans as well as anyone who is interested in our nation’s history and its fight for freedom.The book emphasized the important part that Native American men played in not just World War I but World War II as well in that their language helped change the course of history as we know it.They were Code Talkers.The book shared some interesting information on the brave men of the 302nd Reconnaissance Troop known as “MacArthur’s Boys”. Their Native language was special based on the fact that the Lakota language was so complex that enemy forces could not translate or understand the covert messages sent back and forth from their headquarters to the front lines of the battlefield.The significance of the Code Talkers and their messages were paramount because the information within those particular messages could mean life or death and a turning point for the war.

Moreover, the book also imparted to its readers that serving in the military was an opportunity to bring honor to their families and was their chance to become warriors after a time where the traditional warrior no longer existed. But, what was really amazing was that these Native American soldiers put their pasts aside and chose to fight side by side with their White, Asian, Latino, and African American brothers in order to protect their country. It was essentially a brotherhood.They sacrificed together to conquer adversity to gain victory from an enemy who would have snuffed the very essence of our Mother Earth out.


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Andrea Page
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Pelican Publishing Company, Inc. (March 1, 2017)
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