Return of the Buffaloes - Children's Book

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For nomadic peoples who lived on the high Plains, the buffalo was a gift from the Great Spirit, and supplied almost everything they needed: meat, clothing, shelter, and fuel. This wonderful relationship had always existed, but occasionally the herds wandered to faraway places...and then there was terrible famine.

It is told that at times of great need, a beautiful and mysterious woman brings back the buffalo. Sent by the Buffalo Nation, she is one of the Buffalo People transformed into a woman to tell humankind of their great love and the gift of themselves so that people can live. Retold and illustrated by Paul Goble, he captures the vastness of the empty plains, the excitement of discovering the Buffalo Woman, and the thundering return of the herd with superb artistry, bringing us a world that must not be forgotten.

Soft cover, 32 pages


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