People of the Sacred Mountain Out of Print Book Set

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"My primary purpose in writing this work is to provide today's Cheyenne People with a history of their own tribal Chiefs and warrior societies. Thus, whenever possible, I have used Cheyenne accounts of the events and people portrayed on these pages." ~Father Peter John Powell

A powerful collection of accounts pertaining to the "The People" (Cheyennes) and their encounters with enemy tribes, White settlers, the U.S. government and then later big mining companies. A history of the Northern Cheyenne Chiefs and Warrior Societies 1830-1879. With an Epilogue 1969-1974. A great addition to any collection of books about Native Americans. Volume I & II set with hard cover sleeve.

Condition: The books are in great condition, the cloth covered hard cover shows no shelf wear because of the hard cover sleeve. The pages do not show yellowing.


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Additional Info

Father Peter John Powell
Publication Details:
First Edition | 1981 | Harper & Row, Publishers, San Francisco
Book Details:
Hard cover , 1441 & 687 pages per volume