Out of Print Book: The Mystic Warriors of the Plains (1st Edition with Full Page Illustration by Author)

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The Indians who roamed the wild, rolling plains of North America fitted themselves to the earth and sky as a glove shapes itself to the hand. They were a people of grand natural extremes, perfectly united with their domain.

Years of research are contained in this fantastic edition. Long considered to be the bible of Plains Indian research. Photos, text and illustrations prove that this is a must have for any serious collector or anyone wanting solid knowledge on the tribes of the Northern Plains. This is a book in good condition. 618 pages with photos and illustrations. The dust cover does show a little shelf wear and the pages have slight yellowing at the edges. Dust cover does have a mylar cover for extra protection.

Condition: There is a lot of shelf wear on the dust jacket, the mylar covering is keeping it in tact. There is some yellowing on the interior pages but there isn't any torn pages. The general condition of the book is good.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Thomas E. Mails
Publication Details:
First Edition | 1972 | Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Book Details:
Hard Cover, dust Jacket, mylar , 618 pages