Out of Print Book - The Bloody Bozeman: The Perilous Trail to Montana's Gold (1st Edition)

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The Bozeman Trail was the road to the gold in Montana. It led only to Montana, up from the great transcontinental emigrant trail and it was blazed only after gold was known surely to be there for the taking.

The Bozeman Trail was for a kind of man who was new in wilderness Montana, the man who came hopefully out from the States to better his condition. This new man was not a born adventurer, but in his stubborn, sometimes cautious way he was a gambler. He knew or soon learned that hostile Indians barred the trail through the Powder River country of present Wyoming. He gambled his life to better his condition but he didn't really believe that his hair might make fringes for a Sioux or Cheyenne war shirt or that his mutilated body might be clawed out of a shallow grave by wolves.

Condition: There is a tiny bit of shelf wear and some slight aging along the edges of the pages. The original dust jacket also shows some tiny tears around two edges, a bit of shelf wear and the dust cover is covered with mylar. In all, this book is in great condition.


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Additional Info

Dorothy M. Johnson
Publication Details:
1971 | 1st Edition | McGraw-Hill
Book Details:
Hard cover, 366 pages