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The Black Hills area was the mysterious Holy Ground of the Sioux. No amount of questioning by the curious would bring forth any information concerning this land from the Indians, but it was “taboo” land to the white man.

Only when gold was discovered did the madness for the yellow metal overcome natural forebodings. and the whites rushed into the sacred ground, that had been guaranteed inviolate to the Sioux by treaty. Custer's Expedition into the Black Hills in 1874 brought out no definite information and in 1875 a further exploration unit under the command of Jenney was sent out, equipped with scientific instruments and personnel. Richard I. Dodge was a member of this party and this book is his report on his experiences and the knowledge he gained of the Black Hills.

Condition: There is the tiniest bit of shelf wear on the dust cover and the cloth covered hard board is in excellent condition. The pages barely show any yellowing and the spine is in tact.


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Additional Info

Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Irving Dodge - U.S. Army
Publication Details:
Reprinted-Limited Edition (2000 copies) | 1965 | Ross & Haines Inc., Minneapolis, MN
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Hard Cover, 151 pages