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Badger Clark is at his best with poems that reflect the folkways of the West when it was golden and young.

Badger Clark: A modest man was Badger Clark. Always he was surprised, yet pleased that his lilting verses had reached and touched so many hearts. Students and statesmen, preachers and folk singers and just ordinary people, have over the years discovered therapeutic qualities in his grama grassroots storiettes in verse. But praise he cherished most came from the men with sun squinted eyes who had straddled saddle leather.

Condition: This book does have shelf wear and one page has been torn out but placed back in. The hard cover is cloth covered board and there is slight yellowing on the edge of the pages. The condition of the book is good.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Badger Clark (January 1, 1883 - September 26, 1957)
Publication Details:
1962, first published in 1915 | The Westerners Foundation
Book Details:
Hard Cover, 201 pages