Out of Print Book - Last Grass Frontier (1st Ed.)

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This is a big story – the story of the cattle industry in South Dakota.  Last Grass Frontier is a story of a big country and of big people, A story of good times and bad, of good grass and no grass, good and bad prices. Into this great expanse they came across the expanse of grass that waved in the wind like a restless ocean. This, then is the story of a great industry – of beef – and of the people who produce it.

This particular copy is an out of print first edition, published back in 1964. It's in great condition with just slight shelf wear, very clean, binding is good.  Also this edition is hardcover and priced at $50.00.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Bob Lee & Dick Williams
Publication Details:
Black Hills Publishers Inc., 1964 - 1st Edition
Book Details:
Hardcover, 456 pages